Project Profiles



During his management of the Landscape Architecture group at Hampshire County Council ‘s Property Services Department, Paul has made a contribution to six national Landscape Institute ( LI ) awards winning projects and 25 national and regional, Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Royal institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) award winning projects. At Gosport Borough Council Paul led on securing a national LI design award and the overall winner of the 2001 Local Government Street Design Awards for the Gosport Millennium promenade project.
He has led on securing substantial Arts Council, National Lottery and external funding for a range of exciting creative arts and landscape projects and initiatives.

These include:

In 2016 leading in securing £50,000 of specialist grant funding for much needed courtyard improvements at Portchester Community School, the specialist secondary school in southern Hampshire for wheel chair users. This project received a British Association of Landscape Industries ( BALI ) award in 2017.

In 2016 leading on the £0.9m value improvements to Bordon Inclosure at Bordon,Hampshire involving working with the Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre in Bordon to select the artist Madeline Alison to work alongside the landscape architects in the creation of a £75,000 value public arts programme. This reflected and interpreted the special history, archaeology and ecology of this publicly accessible woodland landscape.


In 2015 leading in the creation of the Hampshire County Council publication ‘A fresh approach to school landscapes’ working with the national charity ‘Learning through Landscapes’ and a cross departmental working group comprising children’s services, educational and public health advisors. The book emphasises the importance of school landscapes in promoting educational attainment and physical and mental health and wellbeing and draws heavily on the importance of public arts projects developed under Paul’s direction in Hampshire schools over the past 15 years. This book gained a Landscape Institute national Award in 2016. 

In 2010 leading on the successful bid for the ‘Soundposts Project’. This was a project coordinated across the three Hampshire specialist schools with visual impairment units. This project was awarded £40,000 by the Arts Council SE to the artist Mark Ware who himself has a visually impairment. The project enabled the pupils to create infinitely variable external soundscapes. 

In 2006 leading on a successful bid for £40,000 for Arts Council funding for an £80,000 Arts programme centered around the ‘Fibonacci’ series of numbers which Paul utilised as a landscape design theme and learning resource. This programme was developed with the Basingstoke based arts agency ‘The Making ‘and selected six artists for commissions for a series of curriculum spaces as part of the creation of the £25 million value Everest Community College in Basingstoke.

Pete Coding, Joseph Hillier, Linda Hasking, Martin and Dowling and Joypad ( Thomas Joynes and Adam Paddon ) were selected. These works all related to the ‘Fibonacci’ series which transcribes the spiral form at the root of the golden ratio. This project was awarded a Civic Trust Award in 2008

In 2000 leading on the successful bid to the Urban Parks Heritage Lottery Fund, securing £500,000 for Improvements to two Gosport Town Centre Parks. These included high profile public arts works which Paul designed and managed including the Millennium ‘Tidal clock’ which illuminates in stages in response to the state of the tide. This £25,000 value sculptural work was fabricated by the celebrated  clock makers Smith of Derby and received £10,000 in sponsorship from the Gosport Ferry Company.

In 1996 Paul was conference chair in the development of the Landscape Institute National conference – ‘Quality for Tomorrow’ based in Portsmouth, securing £20,000 of external sponsorship. The conference involved the creation of high profile temporary public arts works developed with the artist Peter Codling in the Guildhall Square in Portsmouth. 

In 1995, Paul was a key member of the design team which successfully bid for national lottery funding for the Millennium project ‘The Renaissance of Portsmouth Harbour’ securing £40 million overall and £12 million for the Gosport element of the project.

The Gosport Millennium promenade includes a number of high profile public art features including the £360,000 value Millennium ‘Timespace’  which Paul designed and project managed. It features a 42m diameter vertical sundial developed with Brookbrae the sculptural sundial specialists. The sundial gnomon indicates the time as well as the date. In 2001 this project was awarded a Landscape Institute design award, was the overall winner of the Local Government News ‘ Street Design’ awards and also received the Worshipful Company of Paviors award for excellence in paving. The wider promenade features public art works which Paul developed in collaboration with the artist /blacksmith Richard Bent and the mosaic artist Emma Biggs.


From 1992-2001 Paul played a leading role in developing a wide range of public realm projects many in association with the Gosport Groundwork Trust, securing over £160,000 of external funding. These projects feature a series of public art works developed in collaboration with a number of artists most notably Jan O’Highway, Richard Bent and Pete Codling.

From 1990 to 1993 Paul was the landscape architect and contract administrator for the pedestrianisation of the High street in Gosport, extending to over half a mile in length.The overall value of the works was £1.5 million. Paul designed a number of unique public art features including illuminated entrance columns at the major access points and bronze ground plaques as well as collaborating with other artists to create unique features that reflect the unique history of the Town.


In 1989 Paul lead on improvements to the Channel Isles housing estate in Southampton including the subway mural project with youth development project ‘Beyond Graffiti’ helping to securing £30,000 of external sponsorship.